Frequently Ask Questions

Q 1) Is this site compatible with the Mobile version?

Ans:  No. This site is now available for Desktop view and not compatible with the Mobile view. Soon, in the next stage, it will take fluid shape and work for Mobile, Tablet, Desktop and Laptop compatibility

Q 2) Can I download and use all the images or text material from this to my project (commercial/personal)?
Ans:  No. This site has free open source images and content as well as proprietary images and contents also. You can use only free and open-source stuff for your commercial or personal purpose. Before going to download you need to check their ownership and terms & conditions.

Q 3) Can I contribute my artworks for open source community through this platform?
Ans: Yes, you can share your artworks and let it publish for open source community for free use without copyright issues, through this platform.

Q 4) How can I share my work with open source community?
Ans: Please wait, this platform is in the first phase and not opened for contributors now. In next level contributors can register and after confirm registration they can upload and share their work to open source community.