FOCAL (Free and open-source creative art library)

FOCAL (Free and open-source creative art library) is an initiative by FOSSEE, IIT Bombay.

This is a project from the Open Source Community.


  • To encourage students and entrepreneurs to use Open Source Software in computer graphics.
  • To promote the learning of open-source graphics and animation software, like

    -  Inkscape (cross-platform open-source vector design software)
    -  GIMP (cross-platform open-source photo/image editing software) 
    -  Scribus (cross-platform open-source desktop publishing software)
    -  Synfig Studio (cross-platform open-source 2d animation software)
    -  Blender (cross-platform open-source 3d animation software)
  • To publish users' artwork/computer graphics design in Open Source.


  • Create learning tutorials, documents for using open-source design software for students and printing industry people.
  • Develop open-source software graphics studio and support to convert commercial design software studio to open source software graphics studio.
  • Conduct remote & hands-on workshop and exhibit FOCAL activities.
  • Create a scope for jobs using these open-source design software in the print industry.