FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2021

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and travel restrictions placed by IIT Bombay, the FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2021 will be offered remotely.

Important Dates: Please refer

This year in 2021, FOCAL team planned to create educational content, graphics, animation etc, by using open source software namely GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, Blender and Synfig Studio. So this material can be uploaded for students at free of cost on the FOCAL website.


Note:  Participants have to complete any one Screening Task and submit

There are two tasks: 1) Graphics Screening Task and 2) Animation Screening Task 

1) Graphics Screening Task

Complete any FOUR submissions from given list (out of six) using open source software -  Inkscape, Scribus and GIMP.

  • Do not repeat the design
  • Make a folder, place all editable and supporting files in it like font, reference image etc. Compress that folder and submit (that compressed .zip) for evaluation.

Submission List (for Graphics Screening Task):

  1. Design a  book cover - A5 size using Inkscape
  2. Object illustration (vector drawing) using Inkscape
  3. Layout of book A4  - using Scribus
  4. Layout of newsletter  - using Scribus
  5. Object image manipulation - using GIMP
  6. Creating a poster A4 size - using GIMP / Inkscape / Scribus

2) Animation Screening Task

i) Create short animation using Synfig Studio or Blender for academic education content. (From 9th grade onwards in any subject)

  • While making animation in Synfig Studio / blender 3D  use Inkscape, GIMP to create supportive images or vector elements
  • Use latest version of Synfig Studio and Blender 3D
  • Make a folder, place all editable and supporting files in it like font, reference image etc. Compress that folder and submit (compressed .zip) for evaluation.

Technical Requirements

Knowledge of open source graphics and animation software, graphics and animation designing

Resource and reference to use:

Download software from:

Links for learning software:

The following references may be useful for additional learning:
Youtube tutorials, documents on Inkscape, Gimp, Scribus, Synfig Studio, Blender on internet sources

Procedure to submit:

Prepare a project directory which include the following:

  • native format file
  • output .pdf /.png/.jpg /.avi file
  • font files
  • reference supportive images if any

Submit the .zip file in the submission portal (

* Note - Participant should wait for 24 hours to get the Login ID and Password after successful registration.

Evaluation criteria:

Following criteria will be considered while evaluating the submissions:

  • Handling of software to complete the task
  • Creativity and presentation skill
  • Include Plagiarism